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Watermark Gospel is on a mission to change the way the world reads the Bible.

Our Mission

At Watermark Gospel, we produce biblical resources on how to find Jesus in every story of the Bible. Our approach to interpreting the Bible is based on Jesus’s teaching to the Emmaus disciples in Luke 24: that every Bible story points directly to Christ’s suffering on the cross and to his glorious resurrection on the third day. Following this uniquely Christ-centered approach, our videos, lessons, and resources take you through the Bible and reveal how the stories of the great heroes and heroines of Scripture all point back to Jesus, and his triumph over death.

Our Vision

Our vision is twofold: to increase biblical literacy within the church and to spread the gospel beyond it by means of our uniquely gospel-centered biblical resources. Our first and foremost objective in support of this vision is to produce high-quality biblical animation videos on how the top 50 stories of the Bible point directly to the resurrection of Jesus.

Meet our team.


Dr. Warren A. Gage

Rev. Sam Kastensmidt
Board Chairman

Dr. Tom Hendrikse
Board Member

Lee Ann Mancini
Board Member

Hector Padron
Board Member

William Davell
Board Member