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The Watermark Series

Our Bible videos are a great way to understand our Christ-centered approach to interpreting the Bible. Each one tells the Bible story, then shows you how that story points to Jesus. You’ll find that the parallels between your favorite Bible stories and the gospel story of Jesus are striking, stunningly beautiful, and hiding in plain sight.

Upcoming videos. 

Want a sneak peek at what comes next? Here’s a preview of the videos we’re currently working on. They’ll be ready for release in the coming months. If you want to get involved in the process, help us fund these videos by visiting our Donate page — every little bit helps!

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All of our content goes through a rigorous development process. This means that every lesson is vetted by biblical scholars with expert knowledge of the original biblical languages. Lessons are then brought to life as vibrant and engaging animated videos with supporting video and written commentary. Learn more about how we create and publish these resources to the world and help us continue to educate and inspire others along their journeys in faith by donating to our project.