Here’s a quick look at how we develop our content.

Find out how we build our Christ-centered content, one story at a time.

Our Biblical approach.

We read the Bible using a “literary approach” to Scripture. This means we see the Bible as a beautiful work of factual literature, and we understand it is as a book that tells one unified story. We look for themes, symbols, and images that span the full course of the Bible, from Genesis to Revelation. When we read the Bible using this literary approach, we discover that the common theme uniting all of Scripture is nothing less than the glorious story of Jesus’ death and resurrection!

Our process.

Here’s a quick snapshot of our content development process!

The Research

Our team of biblical scholars works to identify gospel connections to Jesus in each Bible story and verifies those connections in the original biblical languages.

Video Design

Next, our team of biblical scholars creates a draft script and rough visual outline for a video. They then work with a talented team of artists and animators who bring the vision to life.

Lesson Development

We build lessons and classes around each video, with pastoral commentary and written resources that allow you to dive deeper into the connections between each story and Jesus!

Publication & Metrics

Finally, we publish the video and surrounding lesson material to our website, the YouVersion Bible app,, and our YouTube channel. Then we track engagement to better understand the response to our content.

Created by experts.

We take the Bible seriously. All of our content is produced and reviewed by a team of vetted biblical scholars with expert knowledge of the field of biblical studies and, most importantly, a heartfelt commitment to the Bible as the inspired Word of God. All of our content producers have:

Our production process.

It takes a lot of research, hard work, skill, and love to create a video. Here’s an overview of each stage in the process.

Script & Visual Outline

We create a draft script and come up with ideas for visuals to accompany each line. 


A talented team of artists sketches out a visual rough draft of the video.


A team of illustrators bring the visuals to life in full color.


Next, a team of animators apply motion to the characters on screen and produce the video.


A voice-over artist narrates the script for the video, and audio is applied.


We work with a team of Christian translators who translate each video into different languages.


We publish each video to our website, the YouVersion Bible app,, and our YouTube channel.


We run analytics to measure the response and engagement each video generates.