Impactful, eye-opening content for Pastors & Teachers.

Equipping you with the tools to teach Jesus in every Bible story.

An new approach to teach the Bible.

If you’re a pastor who wants to get your congregation excited about reading the Bible, or a teacher who wants to fill your students with a deeper love for Scripture, leverage our biblical resources. We don’t teach the Bible on a superficial level — we go deeper by offering substantive, biblical content that highlights Jesus at the center of every story. Our methodology has generated great engagement so far, and we’re confident it’ll spark an enthusiasm you’ve never seen before among your audience. 

Pre-developed classes & lessons.

Modern audiences have a strong preference for engaging video content. Our biblical videos are a great teaching resource, but they aren’t the only tool we’ve developed to help audiences grow closer in their walk with Jesus. We’ve built supplemental classes and lessons around each of our videos to help you take your students deeper into the Bible’s stories and showcase their connections to the gospel message of Jesus.

How to use our videos.

Our resources can serve as useful biblical teaching tools for pastors or teachers in a wide variety of contexts. Here are just a few examples:


Use our videos as a sermon opener or closer. Each one serves as a great visual way to drive home your Sunday message.

Bible Studies & Small Groups

If you’re a group leader, our collection of videos and lessons doubles as a great program for Bible studies, small groups, and community groups.


Are you a Bible teacher? Our videos and lessons will help your students connect every Bible story directly to the gospel message of Jesus.


Our videos are a great way to spread the gospel message of Jesus both online and in person. Use them as an evangelism tool with your friends and family.