A new way to study the Bible.

Explore videos and lessons that allow you to study at your own pace, with new content and updates each month.

Gain a new perspective.

Someone once told us they felt as though they’d been reading the Bible in black and white their whole life, until our gospel-centered approach helped them see it in full color. Our unique, Christ-centered way of interpreting the Bible emphasizes Jesus in every story. It will bring the Bible to life for you and fill you with a newfound understanding of the Savior’s love. 

Watch the Bible come to life.

Our videos bring the Bible to life in your personal studies! It’s not because we use high-quality animation (though it really is top notch!) — it’s because each video showcases how a Bible story points directly back to Jesus. They’ll give you a solid foundation in biblical literacy, and most importantly, they’ll move your heart with love for the Savior. Here are just a few benefits to exploring our video collection:

How to use our videos.

Our resources are designed for all ages and occupations and lend themselves to self-paced study. They can be used in a wide variety of contexts, including the following examples:

Personal Bible Study

Use our videos and lessons for your personal Bible study time. Get to know your Savior on a deeper level and grow closer in your walk with him.

Daily Devotions

Our videos are typically about three minutes long. This makes them a perfect resource for your daily devotions.

Classes & Lessons

Take our introductory class on how to find Jesus in every story. While you’re at it, check out some of our other Christ-centered videos and lessons.

Sharing With Friends

Share our videos with your family and friends! Our videos make it easy to spread the gospel message of Jesus in every story of the Bible with your loved ones.