What Is Watermark Gospel?

Release Date: July 2021
Length: 1:00

In Luke 24, Jesus taught his disciples that every story in the Bible points directly to him. He explained we simply have to look for the pattern of suffering followed by glory in the stories of Scripture. By suffering, he meant something that pointed to his death on the cross. By glory, he meant something that pointed to his resurrection on the third day. When we read the Bible from this gospel lens, we discover that every story in the Bible is really just telling one story–the gospel story of our redemption in Jesus Christ!

Ready to learn more?

Ready to learn more?

Our videos give you an overview of the biblical story and then show you how to find Jesus within that story! But we have much more content to share with you! We have created short lessons to accompany each video, which allow you to dive deeper into the Bible story, its associated Scriptures, and the Gospel Connections to Jesus! Our accompanying lessons include an in-depth pastoral discussion of the Bible story and written commentary. These lessons are short and self-paced, and will enrich your understanding of how to find Jesus in every story.

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